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Support Notes : General ADSL settings for connecting to AnlX

Soem of the following details may be needed by some routers and modems. Please note you may not need to enter these details for all modems and routers, and some detect certian details automatically.

Username<your username>@adsl.anlx.net
Password<Your ADSL Password>
Data circuit information
VPI (Virtual Path Identifier)0
VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier)38
Link Encapsulating TypePPPoA
PPP propertiesVC Multiplexed, or NONE

Article Details
Created Mon, 30 Sep 2002 01:13 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys
Last Updated Sat, 20 Mar 2004 21:21 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys


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