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Support Notes : AnlX ADSL Network Services

Our DNS resolvers should be assigned automatically when you connect to our network, in both Linux and windows.

Reverse DNS
DNS Resolver 1
DNS Resolver 2
SMTP Mail Relay smtp.anlx.net
POP3 Server pop3.anlx.net
IMAP4 Server imap.anlx.net
List Server http://lists.anlx.net/
News Server news.anlx.net
FTP, Shell, CVS and Websites
FTP Server ftp.anlx.net
Shell Server (SSH2 Only) shell.anlx.net
Website Address http://www.[username].anlx.net
CVS Server (SSH + pserver) cvs.anlx.net
Account Management
Account Management https://my.anlx.net/
PGP Database http://pgp.anlx.net/
NTP Server ntp.anlx.net/
Peering Status http://peering.anlx.net/
Network Looking Glass http://peering.anlx.net/lg/
VoIP (Voice Over IP)
h323 Gatekeeper gatekeeper.anlx.net

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