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Support Notes : Reverse DNS

You may update your reverse IP details from http://my.anlx.net

If you have been allocated a /24 or greater (Class C range) you may request to have the nameservers for this subnet to point to your DNS servers. Please contact support to discuss this.

Dial up and ADSL users with static IP addresses may have their IP(s) reverse to anything they like, providing there is a forward record in place already pointing to the IP. For example, if you were the owner of example.com, you could have your IP address resolve to home.exmaple.com, providing home.exmaple.com already points to your static IP address. Any change of the forward pointer will result in the reverse being changed back to the default reverse within 24 hours. Again, you may update these settings from https://my.anlx.net/crt/reverse/.

You do not need to have the domain hosted with us in order to use the Domain as reverse.

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Created Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:52 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys
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