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Support Notes : Motion, Debian, and Philips webcams.

motion is a software motion detector. It grabs images from video4linux devices and monitors the picture for motion.

While trying to install it using debian a debian testing package (version 2.6.3), strange errors occured while trying to run motion, and reported the following:

root@theo:/home/theo/usb-pwcx-8.2.1# motion
Opened video device
ioctl VIDIOSGPICT: Invalid argument
Capture error: Illegal seek

After delving into source for problems, it seemed that the debian source package applied a patch to to do yuv conversion for VAIO laptops, but didn't seem to be compatible with the philips drivers. However, after recompiling without said patches all worked well. There is a package avalible that is compiled for motion 2.6.3 without the yuv conversion patch here.

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Created Sun, 16 Jun 2002 04:37 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys
Last Updated Sun, 16 Jun 2002 04:46 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys


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