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Support Notes : Connecting to AnlX Shell Server

Shell acess to your web space/home directory can be very useful for debugging scripts, quickly editing files, etc.

For security reasons, you may only access AnlX's shell server from an IP address registered for access. Normally, this will be any verified dialup or ADSL account.

You may SSH to shell.anlx.net, on port 22. The format of your username is:


Please note that the shell server is provided as a conveniance only, and not part of any contractual service. Any abuse of your account on this server will result in your account being immediately terminated.

Also note that logins to this server are monitored, and command logging may also be in place.

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Created Fri, 10 Oct 2003 18:50 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys
Last Updated Fri, 10 Oct 2003 18:52 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys


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