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Support Notes : Using client certificates to log into my.anlx.net

Certian parts of my.anlx.net are limited to logins that are verified by using client certificates, for example, controling the power to your servers.

At the login page of my.anlx.net, there is an option to "Use Certificate". If you select this option, your browser will be asked to present a certificate to our systems. This normaly involves a your browser displaying all your installed client certificates, and asking you to choose one.

If you have been issued a certificate by us, and have installed it into your browser, select the "Use Certificate" option at the login page.

If you have access to any area that requires a certificate, you should have been issued one while opening your account with us. If you have not been issued one, or require your old one to be deleted and a new one issued, please contact us at support@anlx.net.

To login using a client certificate, the certificate is required to be installed into your browser certificate store. The way to do this depends the browser you are using. When you request a certificate, please state which browser(s) you use.

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Created Mon, 8 Jul 2002 02:33 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys
Last Updated Mon, 8 Jul 2002 02:42 by [zozo.anlx.net] Theo Zourzouvillys


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