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ANLX Account Administration

Welcome to the ANLX web administration control panel.

Whatever type of business you do with us, whatever time of day; you can configure, edit, and control all aspects of the services we offer from one single place.

Using the account administration system you can:

  • Modify your contact details, change your password.
  • Purchase and transfer all major top level domains.
  • Create, delete, and edit your DNS settings (including reverse DNS).
  • Edit mailboxes for your domains, including forwards, mailing lists, spam filters, and virus scanning.
  • Control power to hardware hosted in our racks.
  • Edit firewall rules for your ADSL, Leased Lines, Dial-Up, and hosted servers.
  • Create support tickets and view the status of your current tickets.
  • Check your email and browse our newsgroups.
  • View previous charges and debits made to your account, as well as update your payment details.
  • Manage your virtual hosts.
  • View live stats for your websites, media streams, and bandwidth we provide you with.
  • Much more...!

If you do not have an account with us, you can signup right now!

Click here to logon.

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